With Whatsapp You Can Now Shop And Pay In The Chat

23 Feb, 2021 Andra Elena No Comments

The new feature is arriving in Italy that allows everyone to make purchases within the app, paying directly in chat

WhatsApp is about to launch itself definitively into the world of shopping, allowing you to shop and pay directly within the application. As part of the huge process of change that will turn the messaging app like a sock – from opening up to multi-device use to ongoing integration with Messenger and Instagram platforms – the Menlo Park team found space also to introduce a feature long requested by companies and influencers, since the time of the introduction of WhatsApp Business.

Despite Libra, the cryptocurrency Zuckerberg wanted, is stuck at a standstill, the US group does not want to give up its future as a financial operator and has accelerated on the reserve solution: a platform with which you can buy items from companies and send money to friends and relatives. If Facebook Pay has already been launched in the US, it is easy to assume that WhatsApp Pay has roughly the same functionality. After the arrival of the Instagram Shops last spring, the possibility of making purchases on WhatsApp will be an additional sales channel available to companies, particularly useful in this moment of uncertainty and on the eve of a hard winter due to coronavirus that could restore lockdown located for shops and businesses.

With Whatsapp You Can Now Shop And Pay In The Chat

How payments on WhatsApp work

You can contact a company, have the catalog or product of your choice sent to you and purchase it directly with a click in the chat. In addition, you can choose to use a classic payment method (PayPal or credit card), or take advantage of WhatsApp Pay, a form of digital payment set up by the giant led by Mark Zuckerberg and which should debut soon.

It will work similar to other digital payment apps – just add your credit card and choose whether you want it to be available in certain apps or in all Facebook apps. At first you can use it to pay for fundraisers, in-game purchases, event tickets or small-amount person-to-person transfers, but when fully operational, it will transform into your digital wallet on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. Think of the influencers, who will be able to sell their items directly from the Stories, or the Marketplace where it will no longer be necessary to be in person but will have an experience similar to eBay: you enter, buy and receive the package at home. Without forgetting, of course, WhatsApp, where you can split the dinner bill with friends, collect money in the group for a birthday or a graduation party or pay the merchants who will be accredited to the system developed with WhatsApp Business.


Better Amazon or WhatsApp?

And it is precisely through this application that everything will be manageable automatically by individual companies, plus, for these subscribers, Facebook will provide technical support to be requested directly within WhatsApp. In short, the future of e-commerce for the Facebook group platforms seems to be truly marked and it is not certain that the path of integration between apps cannot lead to the birth of a single, gigantic, retail service in able to put pressure on giants of the likes of Amazon. But it is still early to say and it will take months – if not years – to understand if this hypothesis can really take hold.

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