Fishmongers from all over the Internet Giorgio Meloni, Schopenhauer and the art of sixty-year-olds to insult on Zoom

23 Feb, 2021 Andra Elena No Comments

Although this country has decided that if you are a woman but a fascist it’s not worth it and you can tell you anything, two intellectuals have managed to get criticized for epithets addressed to the leader of the Brothers of Italy. And it happened because the elderly should refrain from using tools they cannot handle, such as webcams

Giorgia Meloni is a kind of bullshit tax haven. Yes, she is a woman, but if you are a fascist it is not worth it, the strawberry points of the protected species will climb for you. Yes, he makes effective speeches, but with that vulgar look, we know that elegance and low profile pay off in politics.

Anything addressed to another would be a cause for scandal and shouts at the end of democracy – from making cartoons that have the ultimate meaning of saying that she is fat, to mocking her because she touches up the photos (we on the left, however, all no filter ) – everything with her is allowed.

So the real question on the video of the two professors and an immoderator who insult her enough to make her receive a solidarity call from the Quirinale is: how did you do it? How do you go beyond the tolerance threshold of a country that has decided that Meloni is one of the few permitted targets?

There is a recent precedent. A few days ago, a press reporter apologized, and his editor too, for having written that Meloni had “produced” a daughter. I thought the reporter was referring to his father’s profession, which was mentioned immediately after. He is a TV writer, so the daughter is a production. It’s not that the joke is beautiful, but if the unsuccessful jokes were a crime, many professional comedians come to mind who would be 41 bis.

They all apologized, the journalist was obviously insulted on social media (by now on social media they do not insult you only if you are invisible and immobile and unable to articulate a meaningful sentence), but I still haven’t understood what the choice is. of the verb “to produce” was offensive.

Maybe it was the first sign. Perhaps it was the day when Giorgia Meloni stopped being the one with whom everything is worth it.

Of course, she is still an enemy, for those who believe in something on the other side. The other day he began his speech by saying “We sat in the wrong because all the other seats were filled”, and I saw the best democratic professors of my generation rise up: how dare they appropriate Brecht.

But she hadn’t appropriated Brecht, she had appropriated one of the most famous phrases in every handbook of quotations, if she had said “wives and oxen of your countries” it would have been the same. In other words, I was cooking, I heard the phrase with half an ear and I thought: cheppalle, Flaiano again. That may be why I will never become a ruling class: I do not have the indignation ready enough when a rightist mentions Bertolt Brecht (or Gramsci: it is not that “I hate the indifferent” is less transparty abused).

Moreover, crossing the border of insults towards those who are unpresentable always forces us to attend the various art show of opposing imbecility, we have recently seen it with Friedman who on TV said “escort” addressed to Melania Trump. On the one hand, those who say “ah, now do not be indignant, if you had said about Boldrini you would take to the streets, where your feminism is now”; on the other hand, those who reply “whoever was not indignant that time that this actress wanted to talk about hunger in the world and instead asked her what brand her dress was has no right to tell us when to be indignant”; among us, to die of boredom.

Yes, we know: who you say things counts at least as much as the things you say. On Saturday, at America’s most famous variety, Saturday Night Live, the host for one night was Regé-Jean Page, the Duke of the Bridgerton series. Her entire opening monologue, interrupted by actresses whose role was to be those in heat, was about her being an object of desire. You can find it on YouTube, you will spend five minutes telling yourself: if there were a woman in her place, we would rave that her intellectual qualities are being erased. Now making the piece of meat is allowed only to men.

But as always I got lost in the premises, and I wanted to talk about los tres caballeros instead.

In the video that promptly appeared on social media, Professor Giovanni Gozzini begins to rail against Giorgia Meloni. University teacher, the scandalized people remark, but it seems more relevant to me: 65 years old. “This fishmonger, I’m sorry to offend these shopkeepers,” says the professor, playing both sides in comedy: that of the internet pickle who calls a journalist “newsagent”, and that of the pickle who intervenes to say that the one of the newsagent it is a very respectable profession.

And in fact, here comes the Controradio conductor of the trio of picchiatelli friends – the conversation about Zoom was a live broadcast of the Florentine radio – who specifies «honor to the gardeners and fishmongers». “I agree too,” says Giorgio Van Straten, who is also more concerned about the reputation of the fishmongers (otherwise they won’t get him the freshest sole) than that of Mrs. Meloni. I should point out here that Van Straten is a writer, but he seems more useful to me: sixty-six.

Exchange between 65 and 66: “I know the fishmongers” “So don’t say pesciaiola” “Give me some terms, what should I say?” “Peracottara” “What should I say, a sow, what should I say to stigmatize the level of ignorance”. At that point any person of modest reading would have objected, but as ignorant the sows, and then “The animal farm”, but Van Straten insists: “Is Peracottara okay with you?”.

It cannot be said that academic qualifications have enriched the two with an effective lexicon. One would say “whoever wants to surpass me will be able to go in width, but not in depth”, which would be a quote from Schopenhauer: “The art of insulting”, my copy cost twelve thousand lire, assuming that the two do not may allow in euros, please Adelphi to send them a gift to prepare them for the next live broadcast.

But I digress, I know that Schopenhauer is not enough, and in fact Gozzini continued, unaware of what in psychoanalysis is called “projection”, stigmatizing a ruling class “which has never read, with all evidence, a book in his life “. Yesterday Francesca Pascale made the same accusation against him, writing “A man who reads many books does not have these values.” Whether you are a former councilor for culture in Florence, or Silvio Berlusconi’s ex-girlfriend, reading books won’t help you even understand that reading books doesn’t improve you.

The problem is not the books: it is the virtual. It is the idea that if you are on Zoom you are not in the world, if you are on Twitter you are not in the world, if there is a touchscreen it is not reality. The guys who insulted Liliana Segre for the vaccine whined in disbelief that reality was asking them to account for something they had done on the internet. Gozzini and Van Straten, if they had been in a radio studio instead of at home with tiles and an idea of ​​modernity in the webcam, they would never have expressed themselves as two boors. Two boors, moreover, unaware of living in an era in which everyone will ask for your dismissal for “sow” (“My age and I are not made for each other”: it is always Schopenhauer).

More urgent than invitations to read, it seems to me an invitation to the elderly not to use tools they cannot handle. Giorgia Meloni, who is generationally more familiar with the contemporary world than them, would never insolent them on the internet. If he meant “No one will ever write an Iliad if he has had a goose as a mother and a sleepyhead as a father, even if he wants to study at six universities”, he would learn from Schopenhauer, and have his insults bound to the parents of the academics. in an Adelphi.

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